Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Me, Myself and My Brag Book

Blogs are brag books. Every one needs one. That is what I believe. I have one too.
I see that blogs are quite democratic. One can have an opinion and see it being read, appreciated or challenged.
Let me see what my long pending blog turns out to be. Please tell me how it looks!

I am a reporter with The Hindu, the most trusted newspaper in India and outside.

I have varied interests, like music, literature, theatre, travelling and learning new languages.
I have written on government policy, rural development, local government, agriculture, rain water harvesting, issues of women, tribals, SC/STs, forests and wildlife, and micro cultures.
Lately, I have developed a deep interest in Buddhism and natural farming promoted by Fukoka.

This is my address
Rishikesh Bahadur Desai,
Reporter, The Hindu,
Near District Jail,
Bidar, 585401
Karnataka, India



Radhi said...

your comment about prejudices passing off as expert opinion holds so true and relevant!
I have often found that prejudice dressed up as a majority opinion firstly dictates what is newsworthy, and then what is `objective'.

prashant said...

your blog is fantastic and appears to be mature. but i don't see it quite democratic as you see.but every one has got to flaunt what he has.

bobby said...

u seem 2 b such a frustrated soul. atleast may buddha succeed in resting ur soul in peace.

shreeyala said...

Hello Rishikesh,
you sound as interesting as ever my friend and your job as a journalist goes along very well with your personality.

Rahu said...

Hello Rishikesh
I am not avid readers of blogs but I do venture occassionally and on that basis I must say you really under write your opinions that intially are thought provoking but seems improvised. Though I admire your blogs for being naive.

kishor Jagirdar said...

Dear Rishikesh,

Aha !! finally my search to reach you has ended and I located you.How are you buddy ?? Good to see you as creative as ever on your blog with your revolutionary thinking cap.By th eway I have also taken to writing and I am columnist in Businessgyan.Please do visit my blogs



Do let me know your thoughts about my articles.

Kishor Jagirdar