Friday, December 15, 2006

Organic Farming Vs Natural Farming

We see that promoters of natural farming are into a fight with those who believe in organic farming.
I feel this is unfortunate. I must confess I am not an authority on either methods. I am the son of a farmer and I have remained that. Most of my obsession is limited to enjoying reading and writing about agriculture, mother of all cultures.

The fight, however intellectual, between the two systems is unnecessary and avoidable. The fundamental principle behind each is the same. (Their results are the same too.)
That is the Buddhist principle of living close to nature. Musanobu Fukuoka, the father of natural farming, says that one who starts organic farming ends up being a natural farmer.

I feel the ego of promoters of the two systems has led to the fight. It is their unwillingness to learn and lack of humility to accept that some truth could lie on the other side.

Similar fights have been between believers of different ideologies, processes, methods and faiths and even technologies. Unlimited obsession with what one believes in and unlearnt contempt for the other opinions creates such issues.

I think we should all do what is the easiest. Listen.

Hoping one day we may all do that.


Sandeep said...

I accept your view on the farming, as both of the farming processes exclude the use of pesticides and other chemicals and rely on techniques such as crop rotation.

Pegasus said...

I happened to read ur article on EGS page 6 Hindu... and all I can say is...
You are full of crap.
instead of writing about what benefits this scheme has given to people who could not find work at min wages... you write about shortages and the schemes being anti farmer.

Mr yellow journalist ... Have you ever even cared to visit the families of the a daily wager?