Thursday, May 17, 2007

Post Office

An Indian Police Service officer called up that morning to complain: Why are you so pro Dalit and anti government?
I have known her for long and could guess what had bothered her. That day's paper had carried a long story on alleged police excesses on Dalit protestors in Bidar. (Date:10/12/2006 URL:
I told her. Why do you think being pro Dalit is being anti government?. Secondly, I have covered a press meet. The views expressed there may not be my own. A newspaper should provide a platform for diverse opinions.
I narrated this to senior journalist and MLC Quazi Arshad Ali. He said: Newspaper offices are not post offices. We don’t print all that is sent to us. We publish only those thoughts that are in consonance with our principles.

The debate continues; are newspaper offices post offices?

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