Monday, May 14, 2007

The Tiger And The Sparrow

The number of tigers in India is fast decreasing. People kill them and sell their skin and bones. If the same situation continues, then a day will come when we will get to see the tiger only in paintings and old photographs.
We have heard this many times from the many NGOs working on the tiger. It is nice to know so many NGOs and so many award winning campaigners are working on the country's national animal.
But has anyone noticed that suddenly, there are no sparrows in the towns and cities?
Has any NGO taken up any study to find out why?
I think this short story explains our attitude towards the lofty and the lowly.

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Musings on India said...

This is exactly what my sister and I were talking about a month back. Just about 4-5 years back, the chitter chatter of sparrows was almost deafening in Delhi in the mornings. Now you hardly see any sparrows. Someone mentioned that their eggs cant handle some cellphone related vibrations/frequencies. But whatever it is, its f$#$@ed up.