Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Of Pratibha Patil, Sania Mirza and Koneru Hampi

We all know who Pratibha Patil is. We also know how she got to be the President of India.

For the first time in India's 60 year history, we have a women as President. She is also head of the Parliament of the World's largest democracy and Supreme Commander of the largest voluntary armed force in the World.

Some people say she is there on merit. Some say loyalty to one political party and a family is the only merit she has. The debate continues.

More people know who Sania Mirza is. The Tennis star is remembered by the number of matches she won and the equal number she lost. However, more people seem to recall the designer's magic wand that transformed a simple urban middle class girl into someone who looks like a celebrity.

What is unfortunate is that fewer people know who Koneru Hampi is. The World Grand Master in Chess has won more matches than she lost. This girl from a modest family in a small town was a national champion when her classmates were mugging up maths tables.

What is important is that she is the only Indian lady to have defeated men in the same sport.

Is her popularity less because Chess is not as well known as Tennis? Or is it because Mme Koneru does not have designer looks? Or is it because she does not have the professional PR managers that Sania has?

So what makes a person successful and popular?

Merit, looks, or PR skills?

The debate continues.


Keshav Kulkarni said...

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