Saturday, October 13, 2007

Gowda and Gore

I chose this title because I wanted to sound strange and confusing. Yesterday over lunch, I got to know former US vice president Al Gore won the Peace Noble for his environmental campaigns.
I was busy and could not think much about it.
I had heard about Al Gore’s film on snow animals. The only other thing I could recall about him was the way he introduced himself to students in a US university. ``I am Al Gore. I used to be the next President of the US’’. For me, that smelt of Narcissism.
But when I went home yesterday night, I began watching TV to get details. I hopped between channels that were speaking to Al Gore and the one that was speaking about former Indian Prime Minister H D Deve Gowda.
Then it struck me. How a former vice president of a resourceful country can smoothly go out of politics in that country and how some one like Gowda could remain an undying irritant in Indian politics.
About how a not so young man can comfortably forget the luxuries of the White House and go filming Penguins. And how a 80 year old guy who has enjoyed all the power under the sun can hanker for what his not his.
That is why people like Al Gore bring laurels to their country even when out of power and why people like Gowda bring disrepute to the world’s largest democracy.


Keshav Kulkarni said...

Dear Rishi,

I really pity the people who think Noble prize is the best prize in the world, I really pity the people who want to compare everything with America (or western world).

I really want to know why all the journalists, intellectual writers (e.g. Naipaul, Amartyasen), economists and industralists compare whatever happens in India (or any countires like India)with the West? What is worng with them?

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shantharam said...

Dear Rishikesh ,
You are dare enough to comment on a humble farmer , just because he is also former PM !
You are lucky because Gowda never go through any websites .

bharati said...

this is a democratic country and one should talk the truth if one cares about his/her country at all.yes, we are seeing what a humble farmer is doing to the need to even debate about this..