Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Follow the Kama Sutra or Die!

Follow the Kama Sutra or Die!

Angalore (with an M or a B): Activists of a self –styled pro-Hindu vigilante group called the Jai Hanuman Sena barged into an apartment complex here late on Saturday night and beat up young men and women who were trying to produce babies, but ``not in the manner and style prescribed by Hindu scriptures’’.
At least three men and four women were injured and were admitted to a nearby hospital.
The activists said most of the men and women were not following the Kama Sutra(``Principles of Endearment''), the sacred Hindu book that teaches people how to ensure a lineage of pure Hindus. The book has been an all- time global best seller and is considered a work of pure and unpolluted sentiment. This is because it was written by a Karma Yogi (``a guy who had no time for marriage’’).
What was outrageous, one attacker told TV cameras waiting outside, that most young men and women were unaware that such a text existed. ``Why should they follow the West in everything?,'' he wondered.
Eye witness accounts said around 40 youth had forcefully entered the complex claiming unethical activities were on inside.
They began assaulting young men and women who ran for safety. Some escaped while some were forcibly detained by the attackers. Those detained had to dress up in black Kambals (shawls)and take an oath that they would abide by the holy book all their life.
The attackers shouted slogans like ``Follow the Kama Sutra or Die!’’. They also raised slogans against books written on the subject by Western authors, mostly white men. The cries awakened the neighbours who called the police. As usual, the police arrived after half of the victims were assaulted.
Police said some of the attackers had been arrested. A senior officer said investigations were on. The officer who will retire after five years, said the investigations would continue in all earnestness, even after he is gone.

-A day will come when you will be forced to read such reports. In writing this, I was inspired by news prophecy websites. The story's alternative title could be Moral policing: India- 2020.

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