Thursday, September 10, 2009

Obama's dinner with Gandhi

Here is an interesting story about Bodhisatva and Charvaka.

Buddha was reborn a monk. One day, he was wandering in the jungles surrounding the Anantha Pindaka Buddha Vihara.
He saw that an ugly looking man was sitting under a tree, eating something.
The man looked at Bodhisatva and asked him who he was. Bodhisatva introduced himself.
Charvaka replied: ``Oh you are the famous monk who sits for hours in the Vihara doing nothing and begs for food!’’
I am Charvaka the famous agnostic. I am eating a chicken I stole from a farmer’s backyard. Here is the pot of ghee I stole from a shop’’.
Charvaka invites Bodhisatva for lunch.
And then, the two enjoy a lunch, chatting and joking.
This is Bodhisatva legend and not all of them are true.

But then, I was reminded of this story when US President Barak Obama wished he would dine with Mahatma Gandhi. I am sure Gandhiji would have accepted the invite if he were to be alive. He would have carried his favourite dishes; peanuts, goat milk and ground wheat gruel.

But then, how would an ambitious politician who recently spent tax payers money on renovating his chamber, would react to such simple, ascetic diet.

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