Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Chondimukhed, a land locked village within Maharashtra

Road connecting Chondi Mukhed and Bidar built

Staff Correspondent
Bidar: The Bidar Zilla Panchayat has built a road to reach Chondi Mukhed, a village that belongs to Bidar but lies in Maharashtra. Officials of the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana bought land from farmers in Maharashtra for the project as the road passes through the neighbouring State for nearly a km.

With this, the dreams of the Chondi Mukhed village residents to have easy access to Bidar have been realised. Chikli (U) gram panchayat president Gangadhar Nitture said this would help farmers take their produce to the market. Moreover, now villagers can send their children to schools in Bidar.

Karnataka Rural Roads Development Organisation Chief Engineer H.S. Prakash Kumar hopes the road would bring prosperity to the backward village. He congratulated the officials and engineers who had put in additional effort to complete the project.

PMGSY project director Nagshetty Annarao Patil thanked the Union Government, the State Government and the zilla panchayat for making the project successful. He thanked the Maharashtra Government and farmers for their cooperation. He said building the road and a bridge on the way to Chondi Mukhed was one of the biggest challenges he had faced.

Residents of Chondi Mukhed and Chikli (U) villages felicitated Mr. Patil. Panchayat Raj Engineering section Superintending Engineer Pramod Reddy; taluk panchayat member Prakash Nitture; gram panchayat member from Chondi Mukhed Savita Bai and others were present.

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