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Gadag Sahitya Sammelana-Cultural procession

Real treat to cultural buffs
Rishikesh Bahadur Desai, TNN Feb 22, 2010, 09.32pm IST
GADAG: If visitors to the Sammelana got a feeling that people of north Karnataka had moved on from the pains inflicted by the floods, it was by witnessing the people's reaction to the cultural programmes.

Huge crowds watched cultural programmes that went beyond midnight all through the Sammelana. People came in bullock carts from nearby villages. Women and children from Gadag went home walking at four in the morning on Saturday and Sunday.

The organizers had picked the best teams to perform songs, dance and drama. Teams from across the state and beyond exhibited their skills in folk, classic and modern art forms. However, it was obvious that folk arts were the clear winners.

The event that won the loudest applause on the first day was the all-woman Shivappa Nayaka Dollu Kunita team from Shimoga district. The team performed a rigorous dance for over an hour, while playing on the drums all the time. The team members formed pyramids, proving that they could match their energies with the best of Dollu Kunita men's teams!

Another popular programme was the mimicry performance by Narasimha Joshi, Basavaraj Mahamani and Bichi Pranesh. Minister B Sriramulu was among those who gave a standing ovation when Joshi imitated him and the Reddy brothers.

The Sai Arts team that had won accolades for painting the main door of the Sammelana venue proved it could

dance too. Audience swayed to the tunes of folk Gurji dance performed by a team led by Shahajahan Mudakavi.

Khan brothers of Dharwad presented Pancha Sitar Goshti. Five musicians from three generations played Hindustani classical music on the sitar. They were followed by Beeralingeshwara Dollina Tanda that sung numbers set to Dollu beat.

The Kavya Kuncha-Gayana of B K S Verma and others brought out the fusion of poetry, singing and painting on Saturday. Kiran Hangal, Rekha Hegde and Mrutyunjay Shettar sang classical pieces and Vachanas. Sundar Serigar played on the saxophone. Vishajeet Das from Cuttack presented Odissy dance. TV reality show winner Malashree Kanavi sang classical and light songs.

People sought repeat performances from Phalahareshwara Dollina Mela led by Siddu Mote. He sang songs carrying social messages that he penned.

The most-awaited performances were those sponsored by the Southern Cultural Centre (Nagpur). Besides treating the spectators to an energetic `Mahishasura Mardini' ballet, it sponsored Mathuri dance from Andhra Pradesh, Ghanagari dance from Maharashtra and Goti Pova from Orissa.

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