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Irrigation in Bidar

Farmers in Bidar, Gulbarga elated at news of water release
Sunday, Dec 18, 2005
Staff Correspondent

Rabi crops in thousands of acres to benefit

Water to be released from Karanja, Chulki Nala and Mullamari reservoirs
Farmers advised to grow jowar, wheat, Bengal gram, sunflower, safflower and tur
Bidar: Farmers of villages in Bidar and Gulbarga are happy at the Government's announcement of water release from Karanja, Chulki Nala and Mullamari reservoirs to irrigate their Rabi (hingari) crops.

Farmers' organisations say this is the first release from the Karanja dam since its construction. Farmers cultivating 20,509.3 acres in Bhalki, Bidar and Humnabad taluks will benefit from Karanja waters.

Cultivators of 6061.36 acres in Humnabad, Basava Kalyan taluk and Gulbarga taluk in Gulbarga district will benefit from Mullamari waters.

Owners of 951.33 acres in Muchlamba, Gorta and Togalu villages in Basava Kalyan taluk will get Chulki Nala waters.

There is nearly five tmcft of water in the Karanja dam. Its storage capacity is seven tmcft. Water release began on December 10 and will go on till March 15. Dam gates will be opened on alternate weeks. Release will depend on availability of water.

The irrigation advisory committee had recommended farmers to grow jowar, wheat, Bengal gram, sunflower, safflower and tur.

Fields situated till the 31st km on the left bank, 82nd km on the right and the fifth km on the banks of the lift irrigation facility will get water. The reservoir is full with the water level at 584.6 metre. Villages on the right bank such as Kherda (B) and Dhannur (R) in Basava Kalyan taluk, and Kinni Sadak, Jhor Jamaga, Gobbar Wadi, Honnalli, Moramnalli, and Sont in Gulbarga taluk will get water.

Villages on the left bank such as Kherda, Dhannur (R) in Basava Kalyan, Hallikhed (K) and Chittakot in Humnabad taluk Gobbarwadi, Nelkod, Honnalli, Patoda and Mallapur will get irrigation facility.

Chulki Nala

Fields on 479.37 acres on the right bank and 469.49 acres on the left bank will get water in Muchalamba, Gorta, and Togalur villages in Basava Kalyan taluk, according to a press release

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