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Suvarna Bhoomi beneficiaries in Bidar

Bidar Suvarna Bhoomi beneficiaries picked
Wednesday, Jun 08, 2011

Staff Correspondent
15 per cent of the 1.21 lakh applicants from the district were selected

Bidar: Agriculture Department officials have selected 15 per cent of the 1.21 lakh farmers who had applied for the cash incentive of Rs. 10,000 under the Suvarna Bhoomi scheme.

Lots were drawn in various taluks by officials in the presence of MLAs to select 18,357 small and marginal farmers.

This, officials say, is similar to the number of beneficiaries selected in other districts. “There are around 2.4 lakh agricultural families in Bidar district. Of them, around 1.8 lakh are small and marginal farmers. Of the 1.21 lakh who had applied for the incentive, we have drawn lots to select 18,357. It is true that 85 per cent of the farmers are being left out, but that is the scope of the scheme,” a senior officer in the Agriculture Department said.

Joint Director of Agriculture S. Lakshmikanth said the State Government had released Rs. 2.11 crore for paying the first instalment of the incentive.


The beneficiaries include 12,502 grain, oilseed and cotton growers, 5,603 organic farmers, and 252 bio-fuel farmers. Deputy Director of Agriculture Sharanappa Mudgal said the first instalment of Rs. 5,000 each would be transferred to the bank accounts of the farmers by June-end.

“We will prepare a computerised database of farmers with their names and addresses and bank account details,” he said.

There are 2,941 beneficiaries from Bidar taluk, 4,381 from Humnabad taluk , 3,664 from Bhalki taluk, 3,330 from Basavakalyan taluk and 4,041 from Aurad taluk.

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