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The only good news about Delhi Commonwealth Games

Dignitaries will carry home a piece of Bidar
Saturday, Sep 25, 2010
Rishikesh Bahadur Desai
A Bidri artisan makes 850 mementos for Commonwealth Games

EXQUISITE:Artisans prepare moulds of zinc and copper and etch designs on the surface in Bidriware
Bidar: The XIX Commonwealth Games being held in Delhi next month have a Bidar connection. The VIPs and dignitaries visiting the games will carry home mementos hand crafted in Bidri art.

National award-winning Bidri artisan Mohammad Abdul Rauf and his son Mohammad Abdul Bari have crafted 850 mementos of two distinct designs for the games. “Every guest at the Delhi games will carry a piece of Bidar back with him,” Mr. Rauf says proudly.

The designs chosen by the Common Wealth Games Committee were that of an inflorescence and a pattern of lines emanating from the rising sun.

They were emailed to Mr. Rauf who prepared a master mould and sent it for approval.

Once approved, nearly 20 artisans worked on the project for a month. The mementos have just been shipped to a Delhi-based art dealer who will in turn supply them to the games committee. Mr. Bari said they sold each piece for Rs. 225. Bidri art is a handicraft of historical importance. Bidar is the home of Bidri craft. It was popularised by King Allauddin Behmani in the 14th Century.

Artisans prepare moulds of zinc and copper and etch beautiful designs on the surface.

Silver wires or plates are hemmed into the designs and the item is immersed in a chemical solution that contains the black soil from inside the Bidar fort.

This gives the body a distinct black colour that does not fade away for over centuries. The silver pattern shines in the foreground, adding to the beauty of the artefact.

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